Surfski-Holland is a group of surfski paddlers from The Netherlands.

A surfski is a long, narrow, lightweight sit-on-top kayak used mostly for open water racing. Most races are downwind which means you have the wind and waves from behind so you can surf the waves while paddling. This makes a surfski by far the fastest kayak at sea.

The sport is big in Australia and South Africa, were the life savers use the "Specski" to save people. After a while people were doing longer distances with the "Specski" and that is when the Surfski was invented. In Europe the sport is slowly growing. In 2014 the first European Championships were held in Portugal.

In Holland surfski paddlers are active since 2007. A group of paddlers went to New York in 2009 to paddle a 45K race around Manhattan and since than more and more people are doing the sport.

If you are interested in surfski, feel free to contact us, through email or facebook.